El-Kahfi | Journal of Islamic Economics

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Vol 3 No 01 (2022)
Published March 31, 2022

The national Journal that published by Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Syariah (STES) Manna wa Salwa in cooperation with The Indonesian Association of Islamic Economist. The journal will focus on providing quality research in the areas of islamic economics, banking and finance. The goal of the journal is to cover topics that are paramount in modern islamic economics and finance. Accordingly, papers that focus on emerging and interdisciplinary topics are encouraged. In addition, the goal of the journal is to provide research that is relevant and applicable to a diverse set of islamic finance researchers and professionals. The Journal is published twice a year on March and September. The aim of the journal is to disseminate the islamic economics, banking, and finance researches done by researchers.

Specifically, the journal will deal with topics, including but not limited to : Islamic economics, Islamic banking, Islamic finance, Islamic accounting, Islamic microfinance, Zakah, Waqf, and philantrophy.

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